A fabulous brunch venue!

Brunch Gang NYC

blue_ribbon_mapPlace:Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen

Neighborhood: West Village, 34 Downing St. (between Bedford St. & Varick St.)

Mimosa Rating: 

4 1/2 mimosas

The scoop: This Blue Ribbon location is one of many and has a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate gathering or for small groups. While there isn’t much seating, I didn’t feel cramped at our table.

Their website says Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen was “inspired by the discovery of a 135-year-old abandoned brick oven in the basement of a closed bodega.” When I wandered downstairs to the bathroom, I noticed the bakers in the basement working quickly to pump out several fresh items. Pretty cool, huh?

If you check out brunch at Blue Ribbon, you will really appreciate how fresh the food is. While the food is good, the decor is minimal. The staff is also super friendly. It was great having a cheerful sever.


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