Brunchers beware! #BadBrunchSpots

Brunch Gang NYC

la_carbonara_mapPlace:La Carbonara

Location: West Village, 202 W. 14th St. (between 7th Ave. and 8th Ave.)

Mimosa Rating: 


The scoop: It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, and a group of us had just finished bridesmaids dress shopping. We chose to brunch at La Carbonara based on the location, which was in close proximity to where we were shopping, the unlimited drink special and their availability to seat a large group.

The decor of the restaurant felt very homey, and the tables are made from wood. The space is quite large, and our big group felt like we had a good amount of space to ourselves.

Now onto the bad. The waitress did not serve us well. Not only did it take her forever to provide us with drinks and take our order, but she was constantly serving (or shall we say overserving) a group of girls at the large table next to us…

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