The Fifth Column

Mr. Nugent is a sandwich short of a picnic!

Addicting Info

Ted Nugent really needs to learn the art of keeping one’s mouth shut. Not even a month removed from telling gun nuts at a National Rifle Association rally that they should have shot Democrats and President Obama and must “chop their heads off in November, Nugent flew into a rage in an interview with CBS reporter Jeff Glor.

CBS’ This Morning’s Jeff Glor asked Nugent if the Romney campaign had a problem with his NRA comments. Nugent said that the Romney campaign has expressed nothing but support for him after the outrageous remarks. “Stay on course, Ted,” the Romney campaign reportedly told Nugent. “Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.”

Nugent accused liberals of misinterpreting his NRA remarks, denying that they were a threat against anybody. Glor pointed out that Nugent isn’t a moderate, and that’s when Nugent went off the…

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