The Fifth Column

Remembering Dr. King: 44 years since his assassinationIt almost seems impossible that it has been forty-four years since Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Forty-four years ago I was twenty-two years old and eager to learn as much as I could about politics and civil rights issues.

I wasn’t a follower of Dr. King, but I could appreciate what he was trying to do to secure a better future for me and my family.

I remember Dr. King with deference and respect for his work…

The Grio

Today marks 44 years since the assassination of civil-rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King was killed April 4, 1968 while standing on the balcony of Memphis’ Lorraine Motel. James Earl Ray confessed to the shooting, although the King family has expressed doubts over whether he was the shooter.

The Grio decided to commemorate this painful anniversary by compiling a short list of rare speeches and interview clips of Dr…

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