The Fifth Column

I saw Lawrence O’Donnell’s show last night and was absolutely floored by O’Donnell and Charles Blow (NY Times columnist) ability to dissect Joe Oliver’s story methodically and succinctly.


On Tuesday night’s The Last WordGeorge Zimmerman friend and former news anchor Joe Oliver finally ran into an interviewer who has beenwatching the game films, and the result was an epic two segments of television that left Oliver’s premise, that he knows Zimmerman well enough to know he couldn’t have killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood, in tatters.

This interview, with host Lawrence O’Donnell(possibly still steaming from last night’s walkout by Zimmerman’s lawyer) and The New York Times‘ Charles Blow, is amazing on many levels, and covers many of the points I’ve raised about themisleading, nonsensical things Oliver has been saying, and challenging the closeness of his relationship with Zimmerman. By the second segment…

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