The Fifth Column

Jan Brewer is nothing like her honorable and well-liked colleague from Arizona, Gabby Giffords.   Brewer is crass, seemingly out of sorts quite a bit and she lies at the drop of a hat/

Mario Piperni

So you take a year to write a book on your heroic life and few people are interested in reading it. It’s at 343,222 on the Amazon ranking and sinking fast. What to do?

Easy. Take a page out of Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer’s playbook and start a confrontation with the President of the United States the next time he comes by for a visit. Make sure photographers get a good pic of you wagging your finger at the President in a manner which suggests he’s getting a well deserved scolding. And should the President not take the bait and instead remains cool and calm, follow Jan’s lead: spin the hell out of the story…

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