Syieve Locklair




Everyone was created equal…and then there’s Syieve Locklair.  With a sense of style, flair, passion, and grace that has been influenced and honed by his roots as a native of South Carolina’s Low Country coastal region and his experiences from residing in New York City, he is one who seems to always reveal a new layer of talent and interests.

Syieve’s attention to detail and keen organizational skills has allowed him to succeed as an executive assistant at some of the nation’s leading entertainment and media companies and as a personal assistant to in-demand, public personas, and successful business owners. Through his venture, Star Service with a Smile, he offers premier lifestyle management and personal assistant services that include personal shopping, event planning, home/office management, reservations/accommodations, and the management of areas that keeps the lives of the successful, on-the-move, and unattainable organized.

In the worlds of creativity and literature, Syieve is the kindred spirit giving shape to You Know You Want This; a blog of commentary and opinions where no subject is spared of his charm and wit. Most notably, he is the voice of life, love, relationships, and emotional reason behind the deeply moving and stirring poetry collections Disimprison: Freeing My Soul; Speaking My Heart and Sayings of a Soul: A Collection of Poetry; both available at BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com. This is where the beguiling introvert unleashes his understated and indescribable personality, wit, humor and talent; Syieve’s poetry makes you feel as if he’s talking about your love life, getting in your business, and revealing the secrets you’ve never shared. Words and emotions so vivid and clear, it hits home every time.

Now, a saucy and sophisticated New Yorker; Syieve is a native of South Carolina’s LowCountry coastal region. He has completed educational programs at the College of Charleston and New York University, and enjoys living his life in ways that bring simple joy and happiness and encourages the moments in life that inspire him to respond and react in word; rather it be poetry, a blog post, or a titillating Tweet.


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